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Can you recognize a catalyst for change when you see one?

At Capitol View Home Health, we see it in ourselves.  We have a vision of making a difference in the community – in our nation’s capital at best.

Capitol View Home Health is a home care agency offering nursing care, therapy services and social workers that residents in our service area can benefit from.  All members of the staff have been thoroughly screened in order to ensure that our beneficiaries are getting appropriate care and attention for their health conditions.

Many families in America today struggle with the cost of health care bills.  There is a need for cost-effective care services that can be personalized to the needs of the patient and the living conditions that the patient is currently in.  With home care, this can be achieved.  It is less expensive and can be customized to meet the express health management necessities of the patient who may be bound to home due to illness, disability or old age.

Simply doing what we do everyday can start a change.  When ailing individuals realize that there are still people who do care about their health and well-being, they can extract hope from what we do.  We hope to inspire and reduce the stresses in our society.

Join us at Capitol View Home Health as we start a change in the way people view health services.  Apply online!