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Durable Medical Equipment

The best equipment stands durable through time.  At Capital View Home Health, our durable medical equipment is of the highest quality, and specially preferred by physicians.  Designed for home use (and/or clinic and hospital use), these equipment give therapeutic benefits as they can aid patients in the performance of tasks or in monitoring their health.  These also provide assistance in the ordinary daily living activity of a patient, improving their quality of life through the provision of highest level of achievable independence in the comfort of their own homes.

Since we want to help you in all ways that we can, a Capital View Home Health medical representative can demonstrate proper use, sanitation and maintenance of each equipment.  We can also assist you in the installation (set-up and assembly) of the durable medical equipment.

At Capital View Home Health, you may rent or purchase an equipment of your choice.  You can also specially order accessories or part replacements of your existing medical equipment.

Among our medical equipments are:

  • Hospital beds (semi-electric beds with side railings)
  • Commode chairs (toilet risers with an optional padded arm rest)
  • Canes (adjustable height and various styles)
  • Crutches (available in different height specifications)
  • Walkers (with available stock replacement gliders)
  • Roll-a-bout knee walkers (padded knee rest)
  • Wheelchairs (with compact and lightweight models available)
  • Nebulizers
  • Breast Pump (with personal kit tubing)

Fees will be accounted in consideration to the acquired equipment and specifications.  For arrangements, please contact Capital View Home Health online by sending a message.